W->E Bike Tour


3969.7 miles


Felt my roots out in AZ

I had really good burritos in Mexico

Austin is pretty cool

I perfected my stealth camping skills on this trip

Bar Marley; very Knoxvillian

Love this trail

Got to tour with some great friends

These mountains mean everything to me

Roadside fruit stands are like the best part of bicycle touring

This is probably the coolest photo I’ve ever taken

This is my phone background right now

I am very proud of these miles

My second crossing of the Colorado

Not relevant but I’m a huge sports fan

The James; love this river


Her name is Rio

Photo courtesy of Tray Bourgoyne.

Not many photos of me on the bike actually exist

Beard game is like 7/10 here; I can and have done better

My city

My safe space because I’m a snowflake millennial

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me (and Snuggles) happy

Every day I feel more and more inclined to knock this bad boy out again