Some opening thoughts for this journal

I started this blog way too late. Through three thru hikes and two cross country bicycle tours I have four notebooks full of over a years worth of journal entries. I will probably never get around to posting any of those online, but maybe if I come to a particularly boring part of my life or if I have to go get a big boy job and join the real world I’ll make a project out of backlogging all of those entries. Or, if enough people actually would like to read those, I’ll probably post them in that case. But for now, I’m choosing to just post new entries as I write them.

I also am not starting this blog at an ideal time. I am about a week removed from my last bicycle tour, and will not be doing any significant hiking for about four months. So chances are I will post little to no journal entries here until that hike rolls around. But whatever. I have started this blog. Something I’ve thought about for way too long to have not done it yet. As I tell people who are thinking of doing a thru hike, taking the first step is the hardest part. So with that in mind, hopefully the hard part of this is over.

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