Pictures and stuff

I am not a good photographer. I take all of my photos on my phone and occasionally on a GoPro Hero Session. I don’t take very artistic or high quality photos. I take pictures of what I want to remember or just what looks cool in any given moment. Here are some of them.

AT thru hike


2189.1 miles

Cherokee NF

Me w/o a beard

My first day ever hiking with Sundown…fucking love this guy

It snows in January did you know that?

Great Smoky Mtns NP


I want to live in this part of the country one day

A cool girl I know at a cool place I’ve been to

AT/LT sign in Vermont

Cowboying up on Dragon’s Tooth

Love me some shelters

Privy cribbage board


Frog Legs AKA Burt Reynolds

Classic McAfee Knob photo

I mooned the cog even though no one was there

Me and some presidents

Foote bridge over the James

Tinman enjoying some trail magic

Franconia Ridge

Big K

Ultralight is overrated

Sage’s Ravine is a special part of the trail

I had a lovely swim here despite the black flies

This is just a photo collage video I made after my AT thru hike. Three years later watching it again I would definitely say it’s not very good/entertaining. But it does give a good sense of what a thru hike feels like I think. So I’ll share it just for that reason.

Song choices: You may recognize the first one from the Kill Bill Vol 1 soundtrack, it’s titled The Lonely Shepard. I love that movie/soundtrack, and found myself humming this song in particular quite often on this hike. The second one is clearly a very cheesy/cliche choice for a video associated with a thru hike. But I love Passion Pit and that song so whatever.

E->W Bike Tour


4300 miles

So nice I’ve stopped here twice


Old Man River

You can tell these are aspen trees because of the way they are

It rained a lot that day


I fought a big fuckin headwind that day and it was really frustrating


Me and the bike

GoPro goof

Pop tart in the foreground obviously

You should have seen the stars that night

Southern Utah kicks ass


Miss this guy

My coffee addiction gets bad on tour

This was my lunch stop on the most remote day of the entire tour - 84 miles of Nothern Nevada desert

I will probably move here one day tbh

So proud to wear my dads old jersey when I’m riding cold

My kind of road


I love roads like this and skies like this

The kindest man I’ve ever met. Thank you for everything

Finish line

GoPro footage from my first cross country bicycle tour. I rode from Yorktown, VA to Los Angeles, CA in 62 days in 2017. I originally had it set to I Wonder by Kanye West. All the jump cuts are synced to that song. But I don’t own the rights so I just put some free music behind it. Definitely takes away from the overall quality of the video. Still, I hope you enjoy a look at the United States from the perspective of a bicycle.

PCT Thru hike


2652.6 miles

The desert was my favorite section


Of course it snowed in Socal

Watching the sunset, digesting McDonald’s

The Sierra blew my mind

Sierra Safety Squad

Seriously like look at this

Sometimes I think you deserve a better brother

Shasta will speak to you

My blister pain was a solid 8/10 when I climbed this

9 AM is the best time of day in the Sierra

Hoping to see many more volcanoes in the near future

The Gorge

Viewer discretion advised

Not a bad lunch spot!

What a valley

A god damned legendary crew

The infamous LA aquaduct; super fun hike

The burn areas in Oregon were erie and sad

Fez and I planned on swimming in Micah Lake and then we decided against it

Photo courtesy of Brandon Parker

Obviously not taken by me given away by extremely good quality

Pretty tough ford

Slept on black sand and had sweet dreams

Photo courtesy of Brandon Parker.

We were probably an hour into our day as we first felt sunlight

W->E Bike Tour


3969.7 miles


Felt my roots out in AZ

I had really good burritos in Mexico

Austin is pretty cool

I perfected my stealth camping skills on this trip

Bar Marley; very Knoxvillian

Love this trail

Got to tour with some great friends

These mountains mean everything to me

Roadside fruit stands are like the best part of bicycle touring

This is probably the coolest photo I’ve ever taken

This is my phone background right now

I am very proud of these miles

My second crossing of the Colorado

Not relevant but I’m a huge sports fan

The James; love this river


Her name is Rio

Photo courtesy of Tray Bourgoyne.

Not many photos of me on the bike actually exist

Beard game is like 7/10 here; I can and have done better

My city

My safe space because I’m a snowflake millennial

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me (and Snuggles) happy

Every day I feel more and more inclined to knock this bad boy out again

AZT thru hike


788.7 miles

Views of Mexico on day 1; this trail took no time in showing off

Santa Rita mountains ‘n me

Wild west

The saguaro stands alone

I love the Contrast between summit and desert floor

Cactus garden

Its a monster!

I wish I had enjoyed Picket Post more…next time…

The Superstitions are insane

An early view of Humphrey’s

Doing a rim to rim is like going back in time

The vastness and emptiness on this section crippled me with fear

Being chased by a fluffy wolf

Clouds parting to reveal the big ditch

The North Rim is isolated and erie and so fucking special

Very very very proud to be an AZT thru hiker

The most dangerous river crossing I’ve done yet was in Arizona because of course it was

I was LOLing at the day hikers coming down S. Kaibab

North Rim gas station was closed!

Seeing the state line in the colors of the rocks is one of the coolest ways a thru hike can end

The Mogollon Rim separates the hard from the really hard on the AZT

Bridge over the Colorado in the big ditch; third time crossing this river for me

In hindsight this wasn’t too bad of a camp spot

I was sobbing by the second to last stanza

TRT thru hike


171.2 miles

Hike with the sunrise every day

East shore views > other shores

Look I got a new tent

Shoutout to the dude who gave me free weed at Star Lake

Second tent sunset photo because I don’t care

These flowers are wild, man

Can you tell how fucked up my back is?

Shredding the day hikers at Echo Lake is a classic move

This has to be the most pristine water out there right?

Sierra passes have good views

A nice lady told me this is Sierra Primrose and it’s really rare