PCT Thru hike


2652.6 miles

The desert was my favorite section


Of course it snowed in Socal

Watching the sunset, digesting McDonald’s

The Sierra blew my mind

Sierra Safety Squad

Seriously like look at this

Sometimes I think you deserve a better brother

Shasta will speak to you

My blister pain was a solid 8/10 when I climbed this

9 AM is the best time of day in the Sierra

Hoping to see many more volcanoes in the near future

The Gorge

Viewer discretion advised

Not a bad lunch spot!

What a valley

A god damned legendary crew

The infamous LA aquaduct; super fun hike

The burn areas in Oregon were erie and sad

Fez and I planned on swimming in Micah Lake and then we decided against it

Photo courtesy of Brandon Parker

Obviously not taken by me given away by extremely good quality

Pretty tough ford

Slept on black sand and had sweet dreams

Photo courtesy of Brandon Parker.

We were probably an hour into our day as we first felt sunlight