E->W Bike Tour


4300 miles

So nice I’ve stopped here twice


Old Man River

You can tell these are aspen trees because of the way they are

It rained a lot that day


I fought a big fuckin headwind that day and it was really frustrating


Me and the bike

GoPro goof

Pop tart in the foreground obviously

You should have seen the stars that night

Southern Utah kicks ass


Miss this guy

My coffee addiction gets bad on tour

This was my lunch stop on the most remote day of the entire tour - 84 miles of Nothern Nevada desert

I will probably move here one day tbh

So proud to wear my dads old jersey when I’m riding cold

My kind of road


I love roads like this and skies like this

The kindest man I’ve ever met. Thank you for everything

Finish line

GoPro footage from my first cross country bicycle tour. I rode from Yorktown, VA to Los Angeles, CA in 62 days in 2017. I originally had it set to I Wonder by Kanye West. All the jump cuts are synced to that song. But I don’t own the rights so I just put some free music behind it. Definitely takes away from the overall quality of the video. Still, I hope you enjoy a look at the United States from the perspective of a bicycle.