AZT thru hike


788.7 miles

Views of Mexico on day 1; this trail took no time in showing off

Santa Rita mountains ‘n me

Wild west

The saguaro stands alone

I love the Contrast between summit and desert floor

Cactus garden

Its a monster!

I wish I had enjoyed Picket Post more…next time…

The Superstitions are insane

An early view of Humphrey’s

Doing a rim to rim is like going back in time

The vastness and emptiness on this section crippled me with fear

Being chased by a fluffy wolf

Clouds parting to reveal the big ditch

The North Rim is isolated and erie and so fucking special

Very very very proud to be an AZT thru hiker

The most dangerous river crossing I’ve done yet was in Arizona because of course it was

I was LOLing at the day hikers coming down S. Kaibab

North Rim gas station was closed!

Seeing the state line in the colors of the rocks is one of the coolest ways a thru hike can end

The Mogollon Rim separates the hard from the really hard on the AZT

Bridge over the Colorado in the big ditch; third time crossing this river for me

In hindsight this wasn’t too bad of a camp spot

I was sobbing by the second to last stanza