AT thru hike


2189.1 miles

Cherokee NF

Me w/o a beard

My first day ever hiking with Sundown…fucking love this guy

It snows in January did you know that?

Great Smoky Mtns NP


I want to live in this part of the country one day

A cool girl I know at a cool place I’ve been to

AT/LT sign in Vermont

Cowboying up on Dragon’s Tooth

Love me some shelters

Privy cribbage board


Frog Legs AKA Burt Reynolds

Classic McAfee Knob photo

I mooned the cog even though no one was there

Me and some presidents

Foote bridge over the James

Tinman enjoying some trail magic

Franconia Ridge

Big K

Ultralight is overrated

Sage’s Ravine is a special part of the trail

I had a lovely swim here despite the black flies

This is just a photo collage video I made after my AT thru hike. Three years later watching it again I would definitely say it’s not very good/entertaining. But it does give a good sense of what a thru hike feels like I think. So I’ll share it just for that reason.

Song choices: You may recognize the first one from the Kill Bill Vol 1 soundtrack, it’s titled The Lonely Shepard. I love that movie/soundtrack, and found myself humming this song in particular quite often on this hike. The second one is clearly a very cheesy/cliche choice for a video associated with a thru hike. But I love Passion Pit and that song so whatever.